Maho Sensory Stick - Artisan Leather

Maho Sensory Stick - Artisan Leather

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Founded in Melbourne MAHŌ Sensory Sticks honour the ancient art and wisdom of burning to awaken the senses, invigorate the soul and transport the mind to an oasis of inner calm. 

Artisan Leather  - Torching Tobacco and Grained Leather, this grounded fragrance warms with Cypress and Sandalwood.  An ode to atelier workshops in Florence, Artisan Leather honours artistry and trade.

Top Notes - Tobacco, AllSpice, Smoke

Middle Notes - Leather

Base Notes - Cypress, Dragon Blood, Sandalwood, Musk

Encased in a glass tube for portable take anywhere burn. 

MAHŌ collection looks to reinvigorate the style of classic incense sticks with a design-led approach that brings  a sense of style and luxury to your home. Founded to share the powerful transcendent qualities of scent and smoke, the sensory sticks offer a refined home fragrance and in addition can be used to create a space of calmness and coming home.

30 Sticks Included : Approx Burn Time 30 Hours

MAHŌ button burner included.

Pictured with Bo Burner